Autism Foundation Finland was established in 1998 by families whose vision was to help deliver independent and meaningful living for people in the autism spectrum. Today, their legacy lives on. Autism Foundation Finland currently operates in 18 locations throughout Finland and our 400 professionals are happy to provide high-quality services for a wide range of people.

We offer a comprehensive selection of services for daily activities, vocational activities and supported living. Each individual is met with a personal touch and our professional expertise is focused on finding the optimal service required in each situation. Furthermore, when needed, we will also tailor our services to try to meet your precise wishes and requirements. Our goal is to create a reassuring environment and to deliver successful outcomes, together with our clients, by enhancing their abilities and strengths through positive coaching and counselling.

Our mission is to grow, to improve and to become more internationally recognised.

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Autism Foundation Finland is always looking for new opportunities to help better serve our many clients. Our mission is to grow, to improve and to become more internationally recognised. As part of this ongoing journey, we will continually challenge ourselves to use the most modern methods available.

If you would like to know more about us, please contact our Service Desk for more detailed information about how you can become one of our satisfied clientele. Please contact us too, if you would like to work with us: we offer a great variety of career choices, as well.

Welcome to Autism Foundation Finland.


Welcome to Autism Foundation Finland

For general enquiries contact service desk: +358 44 765 4300

The service desk is open weekdays 9 am - 3.30 pm


Mannerheimintie 117
00280 Helsinki